Game ModesEdit

Solo StartEdit

  • Story Mode
  • Arcade Mode

Face one of five different enemies in a one on one battle.

  • Final Assault
  • Tutorial Mode

Explains the basic game mechanics.

  • Training Mode

Improve your gaming skills in this mode.


How to defeat the enemyEdit

When fighting an enemy in Arcade Mode, your enemy will attack you with so-called "Runes".

Every Rune has a different bullet pattern.

After surviving one of your enemies Runes, they will use another one, until they have no more Runes left.

There are two ways to survive a Rune:

  • Reduce your enemies health to zero (Assault Runes)
  • Dodge your enemies bullets until the countdown runs out (Survival Runes)

Every Rune is restricted to one method of surviving it.

Assault Runes will not stop after any period of time, enemies will not take any damage while using

a Surival Rune.


Shooting is next to moving the most basic game mechanic.

Shooting deals damage to your enemy, which is necessary to survive Assault Runes.

You can either press "Y/Z" on your keyboard or "A" on your gamepad to shoot.

Every character has a different shooting style, which are explained here.


Focussing is a basic game mechanic which reduces your characters by 50% and makes

their hitbox visible. Focussing is helpful if there is a high density of bullets on the screen.

You can activate focus by holding "Shift" on your keyboard or "LT/RT" on your gamepad.

Drawing KiryokuEdit

Staying close to damaging enemy bullets will cause your character to draw Kiryoku from them.

Depending on your enemies currently used rune, the amount of Kiryoku drawn varies.

Kiryoku is used to activate runes. Your character can only store the same amount of Kiryoku that is

necessary to activate the rune. The amount of Kiryoku needed varies from rune to rune.

If your character is hit by a damaging bullet, you will automatically generate an amount of Kiryoku which equals

half of the amount needed to activate the rune.

Getting hit by a cursing bullet will reduce your characters current Kiryoku by 25%.

Activating RunesEdit

After drawing enough Kiryoku to activate your chosen rune, you can do so by pressing "X" on your keyboard or "B/LB/RB" on your gamepad.

Activating a rune will set your characters Kiryoku to zero.

Runes can not be changed while fighting an enemy, you can only choose one before the battle.

Runes can be activated multiple times in the same fight, some even have cumulative effects.

Runes have a wide variety of effects which are explained here.

Different Objects in the Game ModesEdit

Arcade ModeEdit

  • Choose a character
  • Choose a rune
  • Choose one boss to fight against
  • After a short prologue, your enemy will attack you
  • Survive all of the eleven different runes the boss will use

Tutorial ModeEdit

  • You can not choose a character or rune, your character will automatically be Youko
  • The Tutorial Mode will teach you basic game mechanics

Training ModeEdit

  • You can not choose a character or rune, your character will automatically be Youko
  • The Training Mode consists of five different sub-modes
  • Choose one of the sub-modes to improve your skills in this mode
  • Every sub-mode has five trials to beat in a row



  • Movement: Arrow Keys
  • Shoot: Y/Z
  • Activate Rune: X
  • Show Info: C
  • Focus: Shift
  • Menu Action Accept: Y/Z, Space, Enter
  • Menu Action Back: Escape, X


  • Movement: D-Pad, Left Analog Stick
  • Shoot: A
  • Activate Rune: LB/RB, B
  • Show Info: X
  • Focus: LT/RT
  • Menu Action Accept: A
  • Menu Action Back: B

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