List of BuffsEdit


Burning SoulEdit

Increases the players damage by 15% per stack for 7 seconds.

Applied by the "Burning Soul" Rune. Consumes 610 Kiryoku.

Life Disrupting Bullet

Deals continuous damage to the enemy.

Applied by the "Life Disrupting Bullet" Rune. Consumes 420 Kiryoku.


Burning HymnEdit

Increases the players and the players allies damage by 7% for 5 seconds.

Applied by the "Burning Hymn" Rune. Consumes 720 Kiryoku.

Stirring Winds

Increases the players and the players allies movement speed by 25% for 15 seconds.

Applied by the "Stirring Winds" Rune. Consumes 300 Kiryoku.


Shield of the GoddessEdit

Grants immunity to damaging and cursing bullets for 2 seconds.

Applied by the "Shield of the Goddess" Rune. Consumes 920 Kiryoku.

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